Friday, February 22, 2008

Sorry is Holiday......

...Please call back tomorrow!

(this is story, happened to Derelict #2.)

For someone, like D#2, who is works in the healthcare system, there are no weekends or holidays. Unfortunately heart’s attacks, broken bones, accidents, or illness don’t follow calendar events or specific office hours.

During last weekend D.#2 had a medical emergency on a Saturday. He needed to contact his health insurance Co. for verification of status.

"Our office is presently closed please call back during business hours Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm", the recording said.
Monday come, again D#2 is on his phone again. “Sorry, due President’s Day our office are now closed please call back tomorrow!” the recording now said.

My dearest D.#2 why are you so surprise? What were you thinking! Why should a live person be behind a desk answering your question on a weekend or President Day? Are you special?

After a few hours of *#@!! And tantrums from D.#2 we started laughing about the situation which brought back memories of a few years ago. Myself and D#2 were visiting family in Europe which live in a very small town, population 3,000 including chickens and pigs. One Saturday night, D#2’s next door neighbor ran to him, the sweet elderly woman who lives around the corner had an accident. She fell down and needed medical attention. The closest hospital is Kilometers away, the only doctor available in town went in his farm to take care his tomatoes' plants and the remaining population of chickens and pigs..

The sweet elderly woman had broken her arm. D#2 using his skills took care of her, made a splint from a grape vineyard branch, put on bandages made from pillow cases and drove 45 minutes to the nearest emergency room to have her X-ray’s done and her arm put in a cast! Upon arrival the were met at the triage by the Dr. who agreed that the arm was broken but, said come back Monday so we can do the X-ray and cast her arm. MONDAY it was Saturday night, why Monday? Sorry there are no radiologist available to do X-ray on Saturday night and Sunday, and the specialist that casts is not available on weekends (probably taking care of his chickens and pigs).

You have come back on Monday (if is not a Holiday)!

Nothing new! Different country same ………..


Spartacus said...

LOL! Same shit. Different country. Now I know what to expect if I break my arm traveling in Europe.

Italian Bird said...

Don't break anything you will be safe!