Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To Be or not To Be

Be back in my small town, after many years, brings back lots of thoughts and memories. Everyone that I meet is saying “Oh you are the same… you look the same… you did not change at all…” I smile back want to say “same for you” but I could not.
I know I’m not the same and they are not the same, I don’t want to be the same. I been work very hard to find balance in my life and to keep it. The balance and the connection of the body, soul and spirit. They don’t see it and they don’t want to see it. Looking around me, listing the people around me I can see how all are stuck in the past, I can see how they are afraid of changing, I can see all the complains, I want to screaming to all that there is a way to get out from all of this, there is a purpose in my life and in their life.

I’m not the same, I’m a stranger here, I don’t belong here anymore and I know very well why....