Friday, March 20, 2009

Gala 2009

Once again the marvelous Cipriani 42nd hosted La Scuola annual benefit 2009, and this year marks the 32nd anniversary since La Scuola was founded in 1977.
As every year I with my students made beautiful projects to be put on auction during the night.
I have the three years old hand printed stepstools, the four and five years draw their portraits on apron. Very easy task and lots of fun!

Through the night while we were celebrating and honoring our special guests, those items became the center of a bidding war and even in this current economic difficulties, they were easily sold.

The best table of the night!
The best of La Scuola!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow day.. here I'm

What a nice way to start the week by staying at home today..
Gli studenti de La Scuola hanno iniziato a festeggiare the snow day gia` da ieri sera ancora prima che il nostro piano d’emergenza venisse messo in moto.
It took just 30 minutes and few phones call to make all the students and teachers very happy for the extra day at home!
Was at 6:00am when Bloomberg announced that the New York City public schools were closed due the snow! The first snow day in five years..
La Scuola had a snow day in 2008, but we can use this one too!