Thursday, February 14, 2008

Give and Receive

Give and receive love openly. It's should not take much to show someone that we care. Half day and already a full collection of cards, candy heart, chocolate and flowers filling up the bag. On daily basis a simple smile or an act of kindness should do the work, and bring a hint of sweetness to someone's day. It's great warm up both, who give and who receive when it's done with love.

Should be Valentine's Day every day!


Paola said...

I wish it was Valentine's Day everyday!!! maybe you will get more smiles everyday!!! well you know I give you a smile everyday!!! so keep SMILING!!!! =)

Italian Bird said...

Yes, it's every day for us. We never run out of smiles

Spartacus said...


Indeed a smile goes a long way!

Italian Bird said...

Thanks, Spartacus.
IB could not be possible without your help and encouragement :)

DCup said...

Welcome to blogging, Italian Bird.

What a beautiful idea that every day we should show love in even the simplest ways.

Italian Bird said...

Thank you Dcup for the welcome!
You just put a smile on my face:)