Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day

It is 5:30am; I was almost ready to walk out to go to the station, when my phone rang!
My Principal: “We decided to close the school today”
The emergency plan is on, one hour later and after lots of phone calls, everyone is happily informed about the news.
(We will find out tomorrow that someone was left out and showed up in front the school)
I don’t like the cold and never will get use to NYC winter, but today the outside view is incredibly beautiful.

It is 8:00am. What I do with the rest of the day?

ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry is Holiday......

...Please call back tomorrow!

(this is story, happened to Derelict #2.)

For someone, like D#2, who is works in the healthcare system, there are no weekends or holidays. Unfortunately heart’s attacks, broken bones, accidents, or illness don’t follow calendar events or specific office hours.

During last weekend D.#2 had a medical emergency on a Saturday. He needed to contact his health insurance Co. for verification of status.

"Our office is presently closed please call back during business hours Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm", the recording said.
Monday come, again D#2 is on his phone again. “Sorry, due President’s Day our office are now closed please call back tomorrow!” the recording now said.

My dearest D.#2 why are you so surprise? What were you thinking! Why should a live person be behind a desk answering your question on a weekend or President Day? Are you special?

After a few hours of *#@!! And tantrums from D.#2 we started laughing about the situation which brought back memories of a few years ago. Myself and D#2 were visiting family in Europe which live in a very small town, population 3,000 including chickens and pigs. One Saturday night, D#2’s next door neighbor ran to him, the sweet elderly woman who lives around the corner had an accident. She fell down and needed medical attention. The closest hospital is Kilometers away, the only doctor available in town went in his farm to take care his tomatoes' plants and the remaining population of chickens and pigs..

The sweet elderly woman had broken her arm. D#2 using his skills took care of her, made a splint from a grape vineyard branch, put on bandages made from pillow cases and drove 45 minutes to the nearest emergency room to have her X-ray’s done and her arm put in a cast! Upon arrival the were met at the triage by the Dr. who agreed that the arm was broken but, said come back Monday so we can do the X-ray and cast her arm. MONDAY it was Saturday night, why Monday? Sorry there are no radiologist available to do X-ray on Saturday night and Sunday, and the specialist that casts is not available on weekends (probably taking care of his chickens and pigs).

You have come back on Monday (if is not a Holiday)!

Nothing new! Different country same ………..

Monday, February 18, 2008

Tuscany's Sky / Cieli di Toscana

I was listening one of my favorite singer Andrea Bocelli his album “Cieli di Toscana.”
That bring back a lot of memories. So here I’m thinking about Tuscany one of my favorite italian region, and the beauty of Florence the capitol, one of my favorite city, that lies on the Arno River.

I was there two years ago for a week, and I’m planning to go back, not enough time to enjoyed what the region have to offer, and if there is a charm land of art, food, wine this is Tuscany.

I stayed in Florence at the “Garibaldi Hotel” felt warmly welcome by the people I met, as much as in Sicily with my family.
If you are into art, the city is a breath taker, Florence keeps an exceptional artistic heritage which is a marvelous evidence of its aged culture. Great monuments are the landmarks Florentine artistic culture: the Baptistery with its mosaics; the Cathedral with its sculptures, the medieval churches with bands of frescoes; public as well as private palaces: Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti, Palazzo Medici Riccardi.

Every night I tried different restaurants, my refined palate was overwhelming by the food and the good wine. This region is the home of Chianti .
Tuscan food is simple and abundant with local produce, mellow cheeses and grilled meats. white beans cooked with sage and olive oil. Beef Steak Florentine, cover the table of a typical Tuscan meal.
The Chianti area, between Florence and Siena, is one of the most beautiful countryside in Italy and a famous wine production area, without a doubt the most well known of all Italian wines.

If you plain a trip in Italy stop by Florence, you will not be disappointed!

Andrea Bocelli & Helena Hellwing L'Abitudine from "Cieli Di Toscana"

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Disaster Night

Tonight was a Disaster. Last Evening was a Disaster. My Home is a disaaaaster.That ‘s what, one of my 3 year old students, this morning was yelling, holding both his hands on his forehead as he walked in. Well, IT'S A DISAAAASTER… Now I’m holding both hands on my forehead yelling "Oh what a disaster. " What is a disaster?! When there are good stories to write about it and take a lot of time just to find the right grammar and verbs, adjectives, adverbs. Yeah! IT'S HURT. Being up all night would not be a good idea. C'e` sempre una alternativa e una soluzione a tutto. Per adesso, usando al meglio cio` che si sa e in pochi minuti tutto fatto. In seguito si vedra`......forse! In fondo la vita ci puo` sorprendere in cio` che si fa e dove non si immaggina si puo` incontrare quello che si sta cercando. Sicuramente in futuro avro` modo di raccontare e condividere piu` storie. Evidentemente questa non e` la serata adatta. Non male come inizio. Tra l'altro ho annunciato e anticipato la mia pazzia!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Give and Receive

Give and receive love openly. It's should not take much to show someone that we care. Half day and already a full collection of cards, candy heart, chocolate and flowers filling up the bag. On daily basis a simple smile or an act of kindness should do the work, and bring a hint of sweetness to someone's day. It's great warm up both, who give and who receive when it's done with love.

Should be Valentine's Day every day!