Sunday, April 27, 2008

Land of the free...Home of the.... taxed

Weeks have passed by very fast and a lot things have happens, and just to make crazy S crazier’ here I’m with a post.
What the hell happened while I was gone and what hasn’t changed?
1) I been audited by the state
2) I had the pleasure to meet a wonderful blog friend.
3) I’m catching up with school projects.
4) I spent one weekend on children’s conference.
5) I’m still dealing with crowded house.
6) Still take me hours and hours to write a stupid post.

Back to number 1. “Audited by the State”
I have been a guest of this country for the past eleven years, and I have filed tax returns in these years, I have never heard of being audited: until the beginning of April when we received a notification that New York State has selected my state income tax for review. How lucky we are, I’m very excited. What a great thing. I’m learning something else about this country!!!!!!!! Sorry….. Lovely and wonderful country.
Like I have the time to go looking over one year of bills, receipts, canceled checks and medical bills, etc., etc., to prove all the information corresponds to my claimed deductions. I have to prove to the government of the state of New York who freely takes my hard earned money that I deserve or am entitled to some of my own money back.
So let make our Governor happy and start gathering all the information that he needs, make copies, draw yellow lines and justify my money……very hard earned money to be returned to me. I figure the state should double everyone’s return after all our governor spent money banging prostitutes. That is Ok he can do everything he wants with his money.
Anyway, all bills and receipts are ready, all copies are done, I called my accountant but tax season is over it was “last day the office is open sorry for the inconvenience” sorry… my ass no…better my husband’s ass it’s bigger! After all is said and done we have more receipts and deductions we didn’t include…so here you go… me….and see you back next year!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Sorry... for been away.
I will be back soon!
Until then enjoy the Byrds!

why this song?.....Just because!