Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wishes

Once upon time one Christmas Night, there was a young lady, she was very sad, she was crying, she felt alone. The only thing she wanted for Christmas was her special friend to think about her that night. She was not asking for a gifts or visit from her friend, not even call, just to be thought by her special friend on Christmas night. She fell asleep on that wish, and she had a dream.....
Nel sogno e` apparso un vecchietto con la barba bianca e lunga, cosi` pure i capelli. Sembrava Babbo Natale ma non lo era, questo vecchietto aveva una figura angelica. Il vecchietto le disse: “Chiedimi qualsiasi cosa e io la mettero` ai tuoi piedi, ma il desiderio che mi chiedi non posso esaudirlo”…. La giovane si sveglia guarda l’orologio ed e` mezzanotte in punto. Le campane della chiesa annuncivano la nascita di Gesu` Bambino.
In that same moment the young lady knew she had lost her friend.
Twenty year later, few weeks before Christmas, she remembered about that dream. She thought about the wish and she was wondering if the wish would ever come true. So her desired for that Christmas was to be found and thought by her lost friend.
On Christmas Night she checked her email and there was a strange message. It was a Merry Christmas wishes from her friend, who was lost not more.
After all, Christmas wishes may come true!
Merry Christmas to all my friends. Let’s be thankful for what we have and let’s hope for better


Lisa said...

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year!

Italian Bird said...

Thank you so much Lisa. Wish you a happy New year and may all your dreams come true. Big Hug