Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Italian bird blog: one year later

One year already passed I could not believe it; I feel is a big deal I made so far.
The first post on I.B. blog was on February 14 2008.
The blog started one year ago thanks Spartacus’ help. He gets me involved in the blog world and encourages me all the way. Without him I.B. would not exists. (On the encouragement part I have to give also some credits to Jack or he will make my life miserable on the 6:17 train).
A year later I end up with some virtual friends, I would like to knowledge, our dearest Dcup, now Lisa from That’s Why. Thanks for being around and dealing with my Italian and bad English. You are the best!
I also enjoying following:
Fran I am, I feel close to her I share her faith and optimism about life!
Lemon Gloria, I love her, I love her stories, her pregnancy…
it’s the most beautiful experience for a women and you look great !
My Saturday Evening Post

I do apologize I still don’t know how to put links. But I promise I will learn by next year.
I also don’t know which one I should be using for this blog occasion Anniversary or birthday.
For now I just say: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY I. B. blog and I have you guys let me know which one is appropriate…


Spartacus said...

You are so welcome, IB. And let me know when you need help with the technical stuff on the blog. Maybe we could meet at the Lindenhurst Library one Saturday where they have wireless access and I can show you how to do stuff in blogger. And... before I forget... Happy Blogoversary.

Skippy said...

Happy blogoversary ;^)

Lisa said...

It's been a year already? Happy Blogaversary, Italian Bird. I'm so glad to know you.

Italian Bird said...

Sparty: thanks I accept the offer

Hi Skippy thanks for stopping by

hi Lisa I'm also glad to Know you, is already a year
thanks all for the answer
of course "Blogoversary"

FranIAm said...

Oh dear - look how late I arrive here!!

Happy blogversary dear Italian Bird.

I am so touched by your words. You are a light and I love what you have in your sidebar these days.

Faith is a gift and I am glad that it is one that we can share.

Ciao bella!!

Italian Bird said...

Hi fran...never is too late
Thank you..and big hug

Nadine said...

Happy one year Blogoversary. I can always help you with links. Let me know.

Italian Bird said...

thanks Nadine! I'm looking forward for you and Tom be a Lindenhurst!
big hug