Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Bye Brooklyn part 2

The closing happened and it now was time for the move.
It wasn't me moving but mother in law, and it was the worst of the worst of headaches you can imagine.
Everything was a treasure and everything needed to be packed….. Yeah, sure, you bury treasure not pack it!
Of course all of it is in storage… Yeah, of course waiting to be buried in a land fill is Staten Island somewhere. Paying rent for stuff that the salvation army would reject or third world countries would send back with a donation to you.

but it's over and mission accomplished......NO MORE BROOKLYN.....Yes.


Spartacus said...


Mission Accomplished? Are you getting all George Bushie on us? Just remember the wise words of General Colin Powell, which are as true for military missions as they are for family situations -- if you break it, you own it.

DCup said...

Yeah, sure, you bury treasure not pack it!

My mother-in-law was an extraordinary pack rat. When she passed away, it took us a month to clear her house out. I understand what you mean.

And paying rent to store stuff!I hate the idea of it! Although MathMan's oldest brother just packed up a bunch of the stuff and took from her basement to his.

Oh, well. He was convinced it's worth a scad of money.

Hello, ebay? No. After 16 years, he stuff has just blended with his stuff and now he just has lots of stuff that his son will have to sort through some day.

Italian Bird said...

Good to know I'm not the only one dealing with house and basement full of old "staff"